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Dear Friends

We are all aware that water is going to be scarce resource in few decades due to various reason including rampant deforestation and climate change. Can we as a responsible society do something to prevent such a crisis.

We in NSI along with  many social , academic societies along with NGO's and private groups have decided to support " Rally for River" which is going to start from 1st September by a road show by Sri Sadguru by driving from Kanyakumari to Delhi and put the proposal to Government .

As a first step we need to give a missed call to the number +91 80009 80009 to register our vote and support to the cause. Our members can join in many other events in specific cities  to rally support for the cause.

A link to the event is attached for further details.

Request all members to support by registering your vote 

Dr.(Prof)Deepu Banerji MS, MCh
President  Neurological  Society of India 2017
Chairman Scientific Committee of NSI 2016 
President  Bombay Neurosciences Association
Former President Skull Base Surgery Society of India
Former Convenor CME ,Neurology Society of India
Former Treasurer Neurology Society of India
Former Hon. Sec.SBSSI
Former EC Member Indian Society of Neuro-oncology
Director Neurosurgery
Fortis Hospitals Mumbai
Brain & Spine Center
Fortis Hospitals Ltd
Goregaon Mulund Link Road
Mumbai 400078
MB- 09833550930

Date: December 13th - 16th 2018 Jaipur. Rajasthan
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