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Prof P S Ramani Prof G Arjun Das Prof S Kalyanraman
Prof T S Kanaka Dr Ashru K Banerjee
Dr B J Damany Dr V K Kak Dr G M Taori
Dr Anupam Das Gupta Dr B S Das
Dr R M Varma Dr G N N Reddy
Dr A K Banerji Dr V S Dave Dr J S Chopra
Dr Krishnamoorthy Srinivas Dr Sanatan Rath
Dr Noshir Wadia Dr H M Dastur Dr S N Bhagwati
Dr P N Tandon
66th Annual Conference of Neurological Society of India
Date: 30th November - 3th December 2017 Nagpur. Maharashtra
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The rates would be Rs.10000 for commercial use and Rs.500 for non-commercial use.
The payment is to be made by demand draft to the Treasurer, NSI.
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